Giuliania is slipping

I’ve noticed as hillary loses her lead in the polls so does Giuliani.  It’s almost as if the republicans are trying to see who the democrats elect before they decide if they want giuliani.  I won’t vote for him regardless.  I live in california so my vote gets washed out anyways.  If i can’t vote my concious ill just sit out the election before voting for Giuliani, or even huckabee or mccain(because of their views on immigration). Im not gonna settle on the immigration or abortion issue, regardless if hillary is on the other side.


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Rise of Huckabee

Looks like Huckabee has a good chance of winning Iowa now. I think it comes down to one big reason, Mormonism. Conservatives in Iowa just aren’t ready to elect a mormon. Huckabee is a very likeable guy and talks more like Reagan than any other candidate. Unfortunately, he is very liberal on taxes and immigration, YET the iowanians aren’t bothered enough to cast their vote for a mormon. Probably the fact that Romney is a flip flopper, even on immigration, probably doesn’t sit well with Iowanians either.

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Opinions on the First Republican Debate

Well I found the debate interesting even though it was irritating with so many candidates and very little time to discuss.

Let me get to the point, I’m even more convinced that the top 3(mitt romney, John Mccain, and Rudy Giuliani) and plus this goon ron paul who I never heard of before are out of question for getting my vote in the primary.

My top 2 picks are still Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter. I really like Tancredo because he seems so out of washington. He doesn’t seem like the status quo. I get the feeling he isn’t bought off by the corporations or sways his opinion based on special interest groups. And of course as Ive said earlier I love his stand on immigration and also his straight to the point talk. Giuliani is the other “outsider” of washington, but he is just a democrat in disguise.

A few im sort of on the fence about are Mike Huckabee. I’m irritated about the fact that he sides with bush on the immigration issue and is willing to change the constitution so Arnold could be eligible to be president. He seems like a good guy though and is more conservative then the leading candidates so depending on how things go I might be able to bend a little. Brownback and the virginia governor (whats his name?) I don’t have a clue of where they stand on immigration and in the case of the governor on Iraq issues.

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Few “True” Conservative Candidates

Like most republicans I am unhappy with the current “top 3” Romney, McCain, Giuliani, that the media seems to keep on talking about. It seems like the liberal media wants them to be the frontrunner because they don’t want a “right winger” as the Republican candidate. Well a lot of republicans like me will not vote PERIOD if that is our choices for the Republican Candidate in the general election.

I’m hearing a lot about this thompson guy. I don’t know much about him and also he now came out saying he had lymphoma. Considering my dog died of Lymphoma very quickly I’m not in the mood to elect someone who is suffering from such a condition. I have also heard questions about his social conservatism.

Not having a very detailed picture on each candidate(and at this point its too early to even care) for now my two picks are Tancredo and Hunter. Both are strong on immigration and both aren’t trying to make waves against the Iraq war like Brownback and Hatch.

Right now Illegal immigration is the most serious problem facing america. Being a Californian I see the effect better then everyone. To me Iraq and other issues while important are not as important as immigration. I will change support for candidate just on that issue alone. That is why these two are my first choices among Republicans.

Besides immigration bush and many Republicans have abandoned fiscal conservatism. I don’t know where hunter stands on that, but I believe Tancredo is strong on fiscal conservatism. I also appreciate Tancredo’s boldness. Tancredo and Hunter seem to be outside the “mainstream” as far as chances, but in primaries people vote their concious and who knows maybe one of them will do good in the primaries.

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